Creating a YouTube channel is not a very big issue but to make your channel able to earn income you need smart efforts to choose such Niche that can increase CPM rate of your channel. It will help you in earning handsome income from your channel. Content of the channel also matters in the growth of CPM. There are several niches available to increase CPM of the channel but all are not the same. Some of the Niches give great results. In this article we are going to discuss how to increase CPM of your channel. It is noticed that most of the people search high payable keywords for YouTube on the Google but is not a good idea because Google and YouTube both are different platforms. It will be great if you will analyze the content of the video. It depends on the topic and content of the video for high rating CPM. If you are wishing to attract huge audience for your YouTube channel then you will have to adapt proper Niches to earn more and greater CPM. Let me clear you one thing that the highest paid CPM depends on the Niches. Here we are going to tell you about the Niches that pay high revenue of the YouTube video views.

1. Affiliate Marketing

If you want to earn from the YouTube advertisements then Affiliate is the most reliable platform. This Niche will help you in competing with small and big channels. It is also seen that even a low profile channel can earn via this Niche.

2. Trading and Investing

It is seen that the videos related to Trading and investing are in trending and such kind of content get viral in a very short time period. You can choose such kind of content to get higher CPM.

3. Print on demand/ Drop Shipping

Similar to Affiliate marketing Drop shipping is also very much capable to attain good revenue for your YouTube videos. If you are wishing to get higher revenue for your YouTube video content then you can try this Niche.

4. Content Creation

Most of the people create videos on their own level and create content themselves. But it will be better if you will upload the content that is informative and well researched.

5. Personal Finance

This topic is discussed in the school time and important for every person. Majority of the people searches for such kind of videos to teach themselves about Personal finance.

6. VPN Content

VPN content can also help you in getting high CPM. VPN content is very much capable and gives great results. So you must choose VPN content for the videos. No need to compete hard.

7. Amazon Affiliate

This is also a part of affiliate marketing. You have to upload the content related to earn money from the Amazon.

8. Website Hosting

When you will tell others about website hosting to others you will get good following which will increase your CPM.

9. Real Estate

This field is also very much searched on the YouTube. This topic can also give you good CPM for the videos related to Real Estate.

10. Business Advice

You can give business advice according to your knowledge. Just keep this thing in your mind that first do some research before uploading the video. Such kind of content is very important and very sophisticated.