In 2024, YouTube saw several niches with high CPM (Cost Per Mille, or cost per thousand views) in the USA. Leading the way were YouTube niches with high CPM such as finance and investment videos, which attracted a wealthier American audience and advertisers willing to pay more for exposure. Tech reviews and gadget content also commanded high CPMs, thanks to the tech-savvy U.S. audience eager for the latest products. Health and fitness channels, focusing on workouts and wellness, drew significant advertising revenue from health-related industries in the USA. Content about making money online, such as freelancing and blogging tips, appealed to American viewers interested in investing in these opportunities, leading to high CPM rates. Real estate videos about buying, selling, and investing in the U.S. market were another lucrative YouTube niche with high CPM, attracting audiences ready to spend significant amounts of money.

Personal finance content, offering budgeting tips and debt management advice, saw high CPMs due to the financial industry’s interest in reaching money-conscious viewers in the USA. Educational content that provided valuable skills and information also enjoyed higher CPMs, targeting professionals and students willing to invest in their learning. Luxury and lifestyle channels, showcasing high-end products and affluent lifestyles, attracted advertisers seeking affluent American audiences. Business and entrepreneurship content, featuring tips and success stories, appealed to U.S. viewers who are potential big spenders, thus commanding higher advertising rates. Finally, travel vlogs and destination reviews, particularly those highlighting luxury travel within and outside the USA, attracted niche audiences with disposable income, resulting in higher CPMs.

These niches attracted high CPMs because they often involve American audiences with higher purchasing power or specific interests that align well with premium products and services. Consequently, creators in these niches typically enjoyed higher revenue per view, making them particularly attractive for content creation on YouTube in the USA, where views on YouTube can significantly impact a channel’s earnings potential.

High CPM YouTube Niches

In 2024, several YouTube niches in the USA commanded high CPM (Cost Per Mille, or cost per thousand views), offering lucrative opportunities for content creators. Here are the top 10 niches explained in more detail:

1. Finance and Investment: Videos that provide stock market tips, investment strategies, and overall financial advice attract a wealthy audience. Advertisers in the finance sector, such as banks, investment firms, and financial advisors, are willing to pay higher rates to reach these viewers, resulting in high CPM.

2. Tech Reviews and Gadgets: This niche includes reviews of the latest smartphones, laptops, and other gadgets. The tech-savvy audience is often looking to purchase these products, making them a prime target for tech companies and advertisers who are ready to pay a premium to showcase their products to this engaged and affluent demographic.

3. Health and Fitness: Channels focused on exercise routines, nutrition advice, and overall wellness attract viewers dedicated to improving their health. Advertisers in the health and fitness industry, such as supplement brands, fitness equipment companies, and wellness apps, invest heavily in advertising, driving up CPM in this niche.

4. Make Money Online: Content that offers tips on earning money through freelancing, blogging, dropshipping, and other online methods appeals to individuals looking to enhance their financial situations. These viewers are often willing to invest in courses, tools, and software, attracting high-paying advertisers from educational platforms and software providers.

5. Real Estate: Videos about buying, selling, and investing in real estate, particularly in the U.S. market, attract viewers who are ready to make significant financial investments. Real estate agents, mortgage lenders, and home improvement companies see value in advertising to this audience, resulting in high CPM rates.

6. Personal Finance: Channels offering budgeting tips, debt management advice, and savings strategies draw an audience keen on managing their money effectively. Financial institutions, credit card companies, and personal finance apps target these viewers, driving up the advertising rates in this niche.

7. Educational Content: High-quality educational videos that teach new skills, languages, or provide valuable information appeal to students, professionals, and lifelong learners. This audience is often willing to pay for further education and resources, attracting advertisers from online learning platforms, educational institutions, and career development services.

8. Luxury and Lifestyle: Content showcasing luxury products, high-end travel destinations, fashion, and affluent lifestyles attracts viewers interested in aspirational living. Luxury brands, travel agencies, and high-end retailers are willing to pay more to advertise to this affluent audience, resulting in high CPM.

9. Business and Entrepreneurship: Videos that offer business tips, entrepreneurial success stories, and advice on starting and running a business attract ambitious viewers looking to invest in their ventures. Advertisers in this niche include business software companies, financial services, and professional consulting firms, all of which are ready to pay premium rates to reach potential business owners.

10. Travel: High-end travel vlogs and destination reviews, especially those highlighting luxury travel experiences, attract viewers with disposable income who are interested in premium travel options. Travel agencies, luxury hotels, and tourism boards see value in advertising to this audience, driving up the CPM in this niche.

These niches are particularly attractive to advertisers because they involve audiences with higher purchasing power or specific interests that align well with premium products and services. Consequently, content creators in these niches typically enjoy higher revenue per view, making them attractive for YouTube content creation in the USA.


In the YouTube landscape in 2024, several niches in the USA boasted exceptionally high CPM (Cost Per Mille), presenting lucrative opportunities for content creators. Leading the way were finance and investment channels, which attracted wealthier audiences and garnered premium advertising rates. Tech reviews and gadgets, health and fitness, and make money online content also commanded high CPMs due to their tech-savvy, health-conscious, and financially ambitious viewers, the presence of the most subscribed YouTube channel further underscored the platform’s diversity and potential for high-earning niches.

Real estate content targeting significant financial investments, along with personal finance advice channels, saw elevated CPMs driven by financial institutions eager to reach money-conscious audiences. Educational content offering valuable skills and knowledge, luxury and lifestyle channels showcasing affluent living, and business and entrepreneurship videos appealing to aspiring entrepreneurs further highlighted the diverse yet high-value audience segments.

Travel vlogs, especially those focusing on luxury experiences, rounded out the top niches, appealing to viewers with disposable incomes. These niches consistently attracted advertisers seeking to reach specific, high-purchasing power demographics, resulting in higher revenue per view for content creators. As a result, these niches remain highly attractive for those looking to maximize their earnings on YouTube in the USA.