YouTube is the second largest search engine with over 2 billion users worldwide and 500 minutes of content uploaded per minute. With 90% of consumers discovering new brands or products on the platform, there are countless e-commerce opportunities. Every YouTube success story starts with exciting content, but that’s only half the success. By employing SEO techniques, brands can reach a wider audience and improve video visibility and engagement. 

Here are is a couple of reasons Why YouTube SEO is Important:

1. YouTube SEO Generates New Ideas for Video Content

Like any other SEO strategy, the first step in YouTube SEO is to analyze keyword statistics. New web videos are released daily and trends need to keep up. Google Trends can be set as a search engine to identify terms that are gaining popularity on the YouTube platform. However, Google Trends does not provide statistics on search volume, but rather indicates “relative popularity”. To collect YouTube search data, use the keyword Explorer, which includes metrics from YouTube search.

Just like website content, video ideas can also be driven by search data. SEO tools can provide YouTube search data that captures the interests of SEO and content creators and provides an overview of what is being searched on YouTube for a particular brand or industry.

2. YouTube SEO Indirectly Affects the Measure of Video Engagement

Engagement metrics such as video views, channel subscribers, likes, video comments, and estimation time estimate video ratings on YouTube. Search engine analyzes the measure of user experience to determine the quality of content. If a video has a high engagement measure, it will score better than a low matrix video.

YouTube SEO can indirectly affect these metrics. When considering which video to display, YouTube takes into account various video attributes such as title, description, copy and / or tags. YouTube SEO ensures that these attributes are improved so that the video is visible for relevant keywords. The better the video ranks, the more likely it is that the video will measure more engagement.

For example, a Merkel customer updated their video tags and changed the title and description to reflect the most relevant requests. As a result, the user noticed a significant increase in total user volume over time (120%).

For more information on implementing YouTube best practices, you can visit Google’s Google Playbook.
Concluding Thoughts
We hence conclude this article “Why YouTube SEO is Important”. Hopefully you gained some insight about the importance of SEO of a big search engine like YouTube. We hope this article was helpful.
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