What is a Canonical Tag?

To make it clear to Google and other search engines, which page of a website have original content and which pages are duplicates, we use canonical tag. In the result canonical tag authorizes the ranking of the original content, without any issue with the duplicate content.

The canonical tag is placed in the <head> section of the main source page URL, and also in the page with the duplicate content. Canonical tag is look like:

Why do Canonical Tag matter?

We all know Google and other search engines clearly say a BIG NO to duplicate contents. No matter how hard you worked for your content or for the uniqueness of the content, Google or other search engines will devalue your website while determining the rankings if Google or other search engine found any duplicacy on your website.

To overcome from this situation, We should use the canonical tag which will letting Google know which page of the website is unique and have original content, so that google rank that page and disregard the other pages which consider under the duplicacy.

How to Add Canonical Tag in Yoast WordPress?

If you’re using yoast plugin in wordpress for your blog/personal/business website, then follow these steps for adding canonical tag:

  • Edit the post page on which you want to add the canonical tag.
  • Inside the Yoast SEO section, jump to the advanced section.
  • There you will find a option to add Canonical URL.
  • Simply paste her the Source URL or the original content page link.

Watch this video for detailed explanation: