The field of web development is really vast, with hundreds of methodologies and approaches to the field of development. One of theseis the MERN Stack Web Development. Therefore, today we have brought you this article to answer the question What is MERN Stack Web Development?

A stack web developer is someone who can develop a client or front-end server or back-end software. MERN Stack is an example of full stack web development that includes the following open – source technologies:

  • MongoDB: An open – source document-based database.
  • Express: A fast, neutral, minimal web application framework for node.js.
  • React: JavaScript front – end library for creating user interfaces
  • Node.js: Chrome’s V8 JavaScript engine-based JavaScript runtime environment that executes JavaScript code outside the browser.

Best Android App for MERN Stack: MERN Stack : A full-stack JavaScript solution

In web development, the backend consists of a server that provides files such as HTML, CSS and JavaScript, a database that can store user data such as their logins and passwords. JavaScript code was translated into our browser, but JS code was only useful in the browser. It had no access beyond the browser.


Latest surveys show that out of all these, React js is definitely the most soughtafter frameworks of JavaScript, which beats even angular framework in popularity and demand.

But the React is not just the front framework. Then why are we interested in React?

If we take a look at the Google Trends chart, which shows how often these items are searched, we can see that the React framework has clearly left Angular and Vue behind in the last few years. And if we look at the stack overflow survey, the most popular web framework right now is React.js under JQuery. But that’s not all, as feedback is used on many websites such as Airbnb, Uber, Facebook, Netflix, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, and Reddit. This is probably one of the fastest growing and most sought – after skills out there.

In summary, MERN Stack covers the entire web development cycle from client to server side with JavaScript. It supports MVC architecture to enable seamless web development. The frameworks are open source and enjoy good community support. For beginners, the MERN Stack web development is ideal for learning and developing quickly and easily.

Conclusive Thoughts

We hence conclude that MERN Stack Web Development spans everything from client side to server side with JavaScript. This type of development is the best for beginners. We hope that our article was able to answer your question What is MERN Stack Web Development? We hope you liked our article 😊