What are Featured Snippets?

Featured Snippets contain short pieces of text that appear at the top of Google search results to answer a searcher’s query. Content that appears in a Featured Snippets is automatically pulled from web pages in the Google index. Types of Featured Snippets include definitions, tables, steps, and lists.

Following are the two major ways you can optimize your content for Google’s featured snippets to build more traffic:

  • Providing a better answer to the questions
  • Optimizing your on-page SEO

1. Ask To – The -Point Questions

For paragraph-specific pieces, Google seems to prefer responses that are present in a single paragraph.

Also, the average length of these paragraph fragments is 46 words.This means that it is best to answer questions under all headings in one short paragraph.To do this, you need to adapt your blogging style to this basic format.

  • Ask a question in your article – usually as a subheading.
  • Answer the question immediately in a paragraph of about 50 words.
  • Further explain stuff

Such a structure should also improve your content and readability.It’s worth noting that Google also prefers long format content – also called “pillar content” or “cornerstone content”.

2. Answer Many Similar Questions in One Article

In the course our research, discovered an encouraging phenomenon: once a page is submitted, it is likely that many questions will be asked about it.To stand out in more pieces, you need to create your own articles to answer many related questions.You can use tools like SERP Stats Queries to find keywords related to the queries.”When you use data to drive thematic ideas, content creation is more about resources and less about mindfulness,” notes AJ Gerzich, an SEO and content marketing expert. “In addition, Google specializes in identifying different phrases in the same query.For example, we searched for “How to start surfing” and Google returned a piece entitled “Part 1 Getting the Right Gear”.Again, creating in-depth articles that cover a lot of relevant questions is a great way to increase your chances of getting more traffic.

Concluding Thoughts

This concludes our article What are Featured Snippets? – How To optimize for Google’s Featured Snippets to Build More Traffic. We hope this article was able to give you a pretty good idea of what featured snippets are and how they can be used to optimize your posts for building more traffic.