Writing a blog post requires skill. If you want to keep your readers interested in your content, think about its structure of and make it interesting. When people like and understand an article, they’re more likely to share it with others – and it increases your rankings. Hence, if you are looking to improve your rankings, you have to improve your writing skills first. For starters we are providing you a few SEO tips for blog on how to write an SEO friendly blog post!

Before you get started: research keywords

Before you start writing your post, you first need to do some research on relevant keywords. If you want to dominate search results, you need to know what words your audience is actually looking for. These are the topics to write about and use keywords in your text.

Here is a couple of tips to help you get a great blog post!

Think Before You Write

Think carefully about the message of your piece before you start. What exactly is it that you would like to convey to your readers or what is the pivotal or the key question that would you like to answer in your post? What is the purpose of your article? And what is it that you want or expect your readers to do or think when they reach the end of the page? Before you begin, write down the answers to these questions and think about the intent of the search that someone might have. An easy way to gain some insight is to find the search results you want to rank with. Also, use relevant keywords and try to optimize the length of your blog post (not less than 300 words, but not too much either).

Create a Framework for Your Post

If you wish to create a readable and an SEO friendly blog post, you first need to have a clear structure for it. This means that every post should have:

•    Some kind of introduction (in which you present your topic);
•    A main body of the post (in which you convey the main message);
•    A conclusion (where you summarize important ideas or come to a conclusion).

In a few sentences, write down what you want to say in each of the three sections. You have now compiled a summary of your contributions. This is a great way to create an organized and readable blog post. Now the original writing can begin.


Hence, these were a few of our SEO tips for blog. We conclude by saying that write the best article that you can, just make sure that its structure is well thought out and you successfully convey what you want to. Just keep the length of your blog post optimized and use relevant keywords. We hope our article was helpful 😊