How does a click-through-rate (CTR) affect SEO rankings? This is a common question and debate in the field of reform.

When it comes to SEO, metric clicks are a common feature widely used in a variety of marketing techniques, from copywriting to the user experience. Does any high organic click-through rate SEO help? Is it important If so, how can we improve organic click-through-rate? We’ll try going over some points to answer this in today’s article The Role of CTR in SEO.

What is Organic Click-Through-Rate?

The organic Click-Through-Rate is very simple.

Like other click-rate metrics used in PPC, email, and on-page web design, organic Click-Through-Rate is an arithmetic metric that tells you how many people viewed the total number of people they visited. Had seen in organic SEO, this means how many people saw your search result and how many people clicked on the page.

How is click-through-rate related to SEO?

Well, even if you are the first result of the SERP and some people click on your path, you are not improved. Counting traffic (well, conversion counts), not impressions, so in the simplest sense, improving click rate is part of search engine optimization.

But do pages with high organic CTR rank higher? Well, what the statistics say. First a study from 2014. It shows the percentage rate and synchronization with the position (ranking) of this page.

They collected them through Google Webmaster Tools. When this link is in different positions, the statistics show the impressions, clicks and similar click-through rates of a link.

So, this is just old news. People click on top engine results. When you go to positions 3, 4, 5, etc., and especially when you go to the other side and beyond, there is a huge decrease.

However, a question arises here that can click-through-rate be really used as kind of a ranking factor? In other words, if something low on the results page has a surprisingly high CTR, will Google increase it?

It’s a little chicken and egg hassle – which came first? CTR and rating are clearly integrated variables.


This wraps up our guide The Role of CTR in SEO.

We will conclude by saying that click-through-rate is important for organic ranking. If you’re bearing the expected CTR, you’re in a good position.

So, improving CTR is good for two reasons. First, it can improve organic rankings, and the higher the rank, the more clicks you get. Second, you can get more traffic if more people click on your search results.