Spotify was discovered to stop music piracy in early 2000, this was the platform to hear audio of any kind, in the whole world. Recently it has announced its online “Steam On” event announced a special subscription to its subscribers and that too in a more specific audio style. All you need to know is that you have a net connection on your mobile, tablet, laptop, etc. Spotify is said to be in touch with the world’s largest speaker manufacturing company to make the audio go out in HI-FI style.

What is the History of Spotify?

Spotify came with the music in the year 2006, in Stockholm, Sweden, by Daniel Ek and Martin Lorentzon the word is that its audio wasn’t good, but is getting better every month. I don’t understand that why did it take so long to make an official announcement. Their bandwidth was less of a concern (hello 5G), it might be the reason or they were waiting for the response of the audiences towards it as there were a lot of competitors.

How Spotify enhances later this year?

Initially, Spotify was very light in details while it was still steaming and they never had a grand premiere with the media. So we have no idea that when we will hear the high-quality music and what will be its cost. Spotify does know some premium subscribers in certain markets will enhance their music quality to HI-FI, with some extra pay off.

How many people are connected to Spotify?

Spotify recently declared that it has 345 million monthly listeners and with 15 million paid subscribers. It has taken many years to enter a market that was already flooded with competitors eg Ganna, Hungama, and many more. But there is good news for its subscribers, it will enhance the audio quality later this year. It certainly will The definite time is not known, but it will enrich its audio quality. Spotify did announce that it will beef up the audio quality. Most probably it will steam on CD quality.

How much will it cost to hear Spotify?

It functions on an app that you get free initially, but later on when you get hooked to it and want to enrich your quality of music, will have to pay some money for hearing every month. It is very less than what one pays for its competitors. Once you have a Spotify app, you can download music of any kind that you wish to have in your gadget.

How Spotify is affiliated with Facebook?

Spotify came like a hurricane in 2006 and very soon it had a 20% share in the music world and Facebook did help reach its limits by helping it out. Very soon it was on almost every mobile as it has music from all over the world. It went public in April 2008, and the trading rate on the first day was a whopping $26.5 billion. Criticized by many artists for paying them very little, and also by the world’s big music companies, it still is increasing in subscribers. Fair or not Spotify has taken over the music of the 21 st century. It might not be the run of the market but has become the competitor for the worldly giants.