1. What are the names of google extension?
Ans –   
  1. Sitelink Extension
  2. Callout Extension
  3. Structured snippet extension
  4. Call Extensions
  5. Message Extension
  6. Location Extension
  7. Affiliate location extension
  8. Price extension
  9. App extension
  10. Review extension
  11. Promotion Extension(Recently added in Google Ads)

2. In Google Ads what is the limit set of the character?

Ans –   
  1. Headline 1 – 30 character
  2. Headline 2 – 30 character
  3. Description Line – 80 character

3. What type of keywords we use in Google Ads?

Ans –   
  1. Broad
  2. Broad Match modified
  3. Phrase
  4. Exact
  5. Negative

4. What are the settings you can’t change after creating the Google Ads account?

Ans –   
You can’t change “Time-zone” and “currency” settings.

5. What are the options for bidding in Google Ads?

Ans –   
  1. CPC Cost per Click
  2. CPA Cost per Action
  3. CPM Cost per thousand

6. What is the negative keyword in PPC?

Ans –   
Negative keywords are basically used to stop irrelevant traffic.

7. What is CTR and how it calculate?

Ans –   


CTR stands for Click through rate. It simply tells the number of visitors visited on your ad on the web page.
To calculate CTR, use this formula –

Number of clicks/Number of impressions * 100 = CTR


8. What is the benefit of advertising?

Ans –   
To reach to the potential people, who are likely to be interested in what you have advertising.

9. Which tool is best for finding keywords for the Google Ad campaign?

Ans –   
Free tool for finding keywords for the Google Ad campaign
  1. Google keyword planner
  2. Keyword Surfer (reliable chrome extension)

10. What would you recommend if someone ask you to improve ad position?

Ans –   
Improve the ad quality and increase the bid amount according to the keyword competition.