In the early days it was not easy to do mobile first algorithm. But in the last few years Google has made great efforts to provide accurate search results on the phone. Now most of the people owns a phone and use Google for the different purposes. Most of the traffic is generated via phones instead of computers and lap-tops. Now each and every website is mobile friendly. But to show your website on the phone need a proper strategy that is known as mobile first. You have to upload your content and images of your website in such a manner that can be easily access able on the mobile phones also.

Google Update for Mobile Indexing

In the year of 2020 Google announced that mobile indexing will be available for all the websites and this project was delayed due to Covid-19 and it was completed in the March 2021. Now there are many ways to create your website mobile friendly so that anyone can see your website on the mobile phone. You have to create proper algorithm for the content and images available on your website. Now every mobile user can access any website on the phone only.

Creating mobile version for your website is the perfect way to increase traffic on your website.

Here are some of the important points you must take care for the mobile first indexing:

  • You have to make the GoogleBot to access and render your content.
  • You will have to take care that content must be same on the mobile and desktop.
  • Your structure data on the website must be available on the mobile phone and desktop.
  • All the Metadata should be same on the mobile version and on the desktop.
  • In case you are wishing to create advertisement then you must take care about the standards of the advertisement so that it can be seen equally on the both platforms.
  • Videos and images present on your website should follow the best practices.
  • You must keep on checking the mobile errors and update them with the time.
  • You have to claim your site in the search console and also submit the site map.

Some people are unaware that whether their website is optimized for the mobile first indexing or not so you must take care about such minor things.

For the proper vision of the images and videos present on your website you must take care about the quality and size. Suck kind of things cannot be avoided to get great results. The expert advice must be taken to avoid issues afterwards. Mobile first indexing give updates time to time so you must take care about the updates also.