There are many reasons to optimize the image of your web site that mesmerize the eye of your clients that they look no further, when they visit your site. They should remain hooked to your site and buy your goods only, thus enhancing your business. In order to attract them the content written on your site should be of high quality. 

1. Choose the correct keywords

The first thing that comes to your mind is the audience that visits your site. It looks an easy way, but majority of the companies go wrong with it for reasons best known to them. One should aim the content writing in such a way that it keeps its audience’s interest intact with using high competitive keywords. It should have all the answers for all FAQ. You must depend on the reviews and your content should be able to judge the pulse of the clients. you can keep making it better every day or week and make it better than your competitors.

2. Judge your Clients

Your website will get some credit & traffic will increase or decrease with each passing day. Judge what the audience want and prepare your web site accordingly. If you have a blog’s particular name, host it with WordPress. You should showcase the original content under your domain in info-graphics, videos and whitepapers. All these should be embedded onto your website from where they can be shared.

3. Mesmerizing content:

You have to get a small text that can impress in a big way. For this you need the headlines should be packed with a punch. Do write the headlines that are interesting, crystal clear and should contain the impressive keywords. After writing an impressive headline the content contains all the meta descriptions, in an interesting manner that your client keeps reading your web site lines till the end. Your headlines and meta descriptions should be placed in such a way that these cater to all the needs of your clients.

4. Clients Interest:

Your content writing on your website and the tittles should be placed in such a manner that it keeps the readers fully satisfied and provide all the information about your post. As ‘excess of everything is bad’, don’t put too many keywords as after some reading the readers start feeling bored and will thus leave your site. Use the keywords in an appropriate way so that they don’t look stuffed. Tag a few blogs with some nice keywords that are relevant for each post. Majority of the general blogs have the tagging in an
appropriate manner.

4. A Solid Design:

The format or design of your content also plays an important part. But if not placed in apt manner can also make the readers loose interest and they can weather away and opt for another site. Placing the headlines on top of small paragraphs makes the reading easy & interesting and they keep glued to it. 

** Back-end organization is the proper key for search engines. To make an article well structured, you might even have to use a perfect tag hierarchy, while tagging headlines, eg. H1 for Headlines, H2 for sub tittles etc.

** This way you have to make an impressive website with a worthy content for your SEO.

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