Things you need to start a WordPress blog 

To create a WordPress blog, you need three things 

  1. Domain name idea (this will be the name of your blog, for example, 
  2. Web Hosting Account (This is where your website resides on the network)
  3. Undivided attention for 30 minutes. 

Yes, you read that right. You can start a blog in less than 30 minutes. Below are the steps that defines that how to create a blog on WordPress in 2021 

Step 1.

Get WordPress Hosting

Before you start blogging, you need a place to store your blog. Hundreds and possibly thousands of hosting providers are available online, but not all hosting services are the same. The first rule of your life should be that nothing in life is free, especially hosting. So, if you see that a company advertises for free, then perpetual hosting won’t buy it. It is much better to invest between $ 3- $ 35 per month on a decent hosting plan.


Step 2.

Install WordPress and configure settings

As mentioned, all three hosting plans we recommend are fully WordPress compatible and perfect if you are looking to create a blog. Once you have chosen a hosting plan, you will need to install and configure WordPress for your site. Depending on the host, WordPress installation may vary slightly, but no matter which site you choose, it should be up and running and ready to blog in a very short time. 

Step 3.

Choose a WordPress theme to start your blog

This is where most new bloggers come in – they spend hours searching for the perfect topic. So let me take the burden off you: your topic isn’t that important when you’re first starting. You only need to focus on creating and delivering content for people to see. Don’t worry about the design of your site if you have a significant audience to tell you if they like it.
By default, you actively see the annual WordPress theme on your site. Automatic (the people behind WordPress) releases a new one every year, and each is geared towards bloggers (latest theme: Twenty Seventeen, but Twenty Eighteen is on the way). Every year, this new theme is usually not suitable for those who are just starting to use WordPress to create a blog.

So, we have discussed the steps that how to create a blog on WordPress in 2021. I hope It’ll be helpful for you. 

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