1. Open Google in your browser. 2. Type Java Jdk in the search bar
 3. Now Open the link which is showing in the picture below:

Install Java in Windows

4. And Now Just Follow the Screenshots:

Install Java in Windows
Install Java in Windows

Watch the video, How to Download Java, below:

5. After Successfully download, we have to set path in Environment Variables Which is available in system settings of The PC. (The Path Simply indicates that the current file is exists in the system ). 6. For doing that first right click on This PC >  properties>  advanced system settings> Environment Variables
 7. Click on New.. and then set variable name = PATH, variable value = The Location where java bin file located (To find location in your PC, just watch the video)…. 8. That’s all, open command prompt and just enter javac
  Booommmm!! Java is successfully Installed in your PC. Now Let’s Start with Writing Java Code’s…

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