Basic steps to increase Domain Authority and Page Authority of a website

What is domain authority of website?

Domain authority is the ranking of the website that is done by MOZ and it narrates that how the website will get ranking on the Google. The score of the domain authority comes in between 1 to 100 and the higher ranking is able to get maximum searches on the Google.

How domain authority is calculated?

There are many things that are concerned for domain authority but the main thing that matters is back links of the website. The well rooted backlinks give good ranking to the domain.

What is page authority?

How the page will rank on the Google depends on the page authority of the page which is done via MOZ. Page authority of the website comes in between 1 to 100 and the more score will suggest you that how the page will get ranking on the Google. 

Basic steps to increase Domain Authority

To increase domain authority and page authority of a website

1. Work on your off page SEO

Off page activities are done away from the website to get ranking and traffic on the website. The main facts that matters in the off page SEO are link building and social media optimization.

2. On page SEO

The activities that are done on the website, is known as On page SEO. When you publish high quality and informative content on your website and publish high quality images then it is On page SEO. Many other things are also considered as On page SEO.

3. Work on your technical SEO

Technical SEO means that you have to make your website faster and easy to crawl. To improve technical aspects you will have to publish very informative content so that everyone can get some knowledge from it and to upload quality size images on the website. 

4. Make sure that your website is mobile friendly

The most of the people prefers to surf sites on their phones. So make sure that your website is mobile friendly so that anyone can visit your website via mobile phones also.

5. Improve your page speed

Downloading and opening of the pages takes some time and you will have to take care that your website is taking less time. For that purpose you will have to increase the speed of your page.

6. Increase your social signals

You will have to be active on the social media also. Just post feed on the maximum social media platforms and check the reviews and the messages of the visitors.

7. Be patient

Every action takes time for its reaction so you will have to be patient for it. Do not hurry just keep calm and follow the steps so that you can get desired results. 

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