If you are here wondering how to get more views on YouTube, then you have come to the right place. This guide is all about How to Get More Views on YouTube 10 Most Important Tips

1. Improve your videos’ rankings by doing SEO. Doing proper SEO is really important for your videos as they determine how much exposure or views your videos will get.

2. Make proper use of metadata in your YouTube videos. You have to know what videos your competitors are making and makingvideos in the same genre as that will help your videos get more views. YouTube has an algorithm to recommend same kinds of videos to the users, so if you make a video from a popular genre, it is very likely for it to get recommended.

3. Use custom thumbnails to grab the attention of the audience, as these thumbnails make the first impressions on which the users decide whether to watch your video or not.

4. Make a playlist a it will help you get more views. When a video from your playlist ends, the next one will automatically start, before the user gets the chance to move on to another channel.

5. Use cards at the end of your videos. Engage your audience at the ends of videos by showing them cards that link to your most popular or best videos.

6. Try making content that nobody is making on YouTube. So, if you make unique content, then your chances of getting more views also increase.

7. Promote you YouTube channel to all your contacts, on your social media accounts and try getting shoutouts from influencers if you can as that will significantly improve your chances of getting more views.

8. Ask your viewers to subscribe to your channel and turn on the notification bell, so that the subscribers will never miss an update and watch every video you upload. Also, channel with more subscribers will look more authentic to the people and they will start watching your videos.

9. Allow your viewers to spread the word about your YouTube by enabling Embedding from YouTube Studio.

10. Try to increase your watch time. Because the longer your videos are being watched, the better your videos are according to YouTube, and hence your videos will be recommended even more to people.

Hence, we conclude our guide How to Get More Views on YouTube 10 Most Important Tips. If you follow these tips, you are sure to get more views on YouTube. We hope our guide was helpful.