It is a well known fact that what other people have to say regarding your business has more impact than whatever you say, knowing this one must strive to meet the needs of the consumers to the fullest in order to receive high ratings. Some of the ways to acquire reviews are;

1. Asking the Customer Directly

Create business relationships with the customer and wait for the right moment which is after they have used your product and it has proven beneficial to them. Timing when to ask for a review or rating is very important since wrong timing could result to a negative review that  will have a negative impact. One needs to leverage moments of customer happiness and ask an open-end question to genuinely collect customer feedback.

2. Create different places for customer to leave their feedback

This will let potential buyers have a chance to learn about your product from wherever and can see how previous customers have benefited from your product. You can set up accounts in Facebook, Yelp and Google my business this are some of the third party review sites that are common to almost everyone, here ensure  you consistently engage with clients.

3. Optimizing your Content

Make sure that once customers are able to access your site it is easy for them to leave reviews and rate your products. Optimize your website by setting up web badges to easily direct visitors to Yelp or Facebook. If you are asking to receive the reviews via mail keep it short. You could also use a custom google review link. A review link is a link is a link that when clicked it displays a dialogue box asking for a rating and a review. Also you can add a Qr Code on your product , when the customer scans the code they will be asked to rate the product in accordance to their satisfaction.

4. Create a Motivator

Some customers need some form of motivation to make them have the urge to leave a review or give a rating. You can offer a discount or a gift card to act as a motivator for the customers .

5. Respond to both the positive and negative reviews

In case of a negative review ensure you respond in a thoughtful manner and find out what went wrong since mistakes are bound to happen. Do this without trying to plead your case but accept that there was mistake ,this will show the rest of the consumers you are caring and improve their perspective towards you. Share and highlight the positive reviews you receive in order to keep the momentum going, you can include the name or picture of the customer to act as way of recognizing and thanking the customer.

6. Run a Re-targeting Campaign

Consider using ads to ask for reviews from your customers. you can do this directly via email since the customer is guaranteed to come across it and since they are familiar with you they will consider the ad.