If you are a businessman and have your own business then you should be aware of google business profile.

Because, Google business will help you to bring the maximum number of leads, sales, and traffic to your business. And due to the increasing number of people relying on the internet, the number of customers is increasing day by day.

so it becomes very essential for every business to have a strong google business profile.

If you want to know about Google business or Local SEO and want to create a fabulous Google business profile that can stand out from the competitors then, this blog is for you.

In this guide, you will know about how to create an outstanding google business profile and a complete knowledge of google business.

Let’s dive into it…..

Google Business Profile

For beginners who heard its name for the first time, Google my business is a website from which you can create a listing of your business.

And if any consumer searches about your business or the term related to it on google, and if you have all the information according to the customer’s query then the name of your business will appear on the customer’s screen. Sometimes the business also gets its lead and sales from it.

How to do it??

Alright, we have understood about the google business. but the question is how can a business get sales from it??

The answer is through ‘Google business profile ‘ and it is a very important part of getting leads for the business. The profile will consist of the company’s history, pictures, ratings, products, contact no, etc of the business.

The more your profile is optimized the more your business will get sales, and traffic. Google business profile is the best way to create an online appearance of your business on the world’s top search engines.

Hence, it is very important to keep an enhanced and optimized profile of your business. If you don’t know how to optimize the Google business profile, keep reading the blog.

So, here is the step-by-step guide for making an outstanding google business profile that will generate leads and traffic:-

1. Category Section

The category section of your business is very important, as it explains the search engine and the consumer about your company. (Ex:- it can be dentist, Carpenter, grocery stores, etc)

It also affects the ranking of your business at the local level. the categories that you had chosen should be related to your business.

(Ex:- DENTAL CLINIC, primary category:- Dentist, Secondary category:- Dental services )

2. Reviews

google my business posts

Reviews play a vital role in getting leads to the business. According to a study, around 78% of consumers choose the business profile according to their reviews.

The ranking of any business can also be affected by reviews. Reviews build authority and create credibility for the business.

The more any business gets good reviews, the more your business profile gets an appearance on search engines.

On the other hand, this increases interactions with the customers and motivates customers to give more feedback which increases the credibility of your business. Overall reviews impact the business from all directions.

3. Products

No matter how good your profile is, no matter how good your category is, if the product is not good the business will not get a single sale from it.

This is the section from which the consumer makes their decision. So it is very important to make the product section look amazing. The revenue of the business depends on this section.

You can add a high-quality image of your product, a short description of the product, and a call-to-action button(order, purchase, etc) in it.

If your product satisfies the consumer’s wants then the consumer will make their decision to purchase it.

4. Images

The image helps the consumer to imagine the quality of the product. Images influence consumers to make decisions fastly. A high-quality image plays a vital role in getting sales.  Also, adding images of products to the google business profile makes the profile more optimized and better.

But, the photos that you add should follow Google’s guidelines for business profile photos.

5. Posts

Post is the best way to tell about your products. Posting on the Google business profile also helps the business to rank faster. You can also add some calls to action in the post to increase the revenue. It also helps to build trust among the consumers to purchase.

The intention of creating a post should not be to use keywords and increase the rankings. Instead, it should provide more accurate information, a brief of your products to the consumers.


We have learned about google business and how to make a Google business profile that can stand out from the competitors.

Google business profile is very important for every business nowadays so make sure you read the whole blog to understand google business deeply.