Domain authority and its Important?

Domain Authority (DA) is basically a search engine ranking score which has been created by Moz. Domain Authority predicts a website’s ranking on search engine results pages (SERPs). Domain authority values range from one to 100, depending on the high probability of rating higher values.

The Domain Authority is based on data from Link Explorer Web Index and uses dozens of factors in its calculations. The actual domain authority calculation itself uses a machine learning model to predict and find a “best fit” algorithm that closely matches the link data to thousands of original results related rankings. Is what we use as the standard of use scale.
How is Domain Authority Calculated?
Domain authority is calculated by evaluating many factors, including linking to the root domain and the total number of links from the same DA score. The resulting score can then be used for comparisons of your websites with other ones or simply for tracking the “ranking power” of your website over time. Domain authority is not a ranking factor by Google and has no effect on the SERP’s.

Since the Domain Authority 2.0 update in early 2019, calculating a domain’s DA score has been based on machine learning algorithms predicting how often Google uses its domain in its search results. If Domain A appears more in the Google SERP than Domain B, then we expect that the DA of Domain A will be higher than the DA of Domain B.

Because DA is based on machine learning calculations, your website’s score often fluctuates because more, less, or different data points are available and open in these calculations. For example, if gets one billion new links, the DA of every other website will go down compared to Facebook. Because more established and authoritative domains like Facebook will ever have bigger link profiles, So they will pick up more slots with higher DA and less space at the top of the scale with less strong link profiles for other strong domains. So, raising your score from 20 to 30 is much easier than raising it from 70 to 80. Because of this, domain authority must be used as a comparative metric rather than a synchronization.
Final Words
Hence, this wraps up our guide What is Domain Authority — How to Calculate the Domain Authority of a Website. Using the methodology discussed here, you can easily calculate the DA of any website. We sincerely hope you found this helpful.
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