Adding a featured channels list on your YouTube homepage simply means to help other channels to grow. It’s one if the great tool to help grow the community or visitors without using other social media platforms.

Note: If you’re thinking to start promoting other channels, make sure to grow your own channel. A channel with great visitors or subscribers helps other featured channel grow quickly!!

If you want to have featured channels on your channel, first you should know:

  1. What are Featured Channels??
  2. How to Feature Channels on your own YouTube Channel?
  3. When you can’t Feature Channels on YouTube?

What are Featured Channels??

Featured Channels simply helps to grow visibility of any other channel through your YouTube channel homepage.

In the result the other channel will also start gaining more views, likes and subscribers!!

Keep in mind that, try to promote someone good (i.e useful for your channel) such that subscribers can come back and asking for more such contents.

How to Feature Channels on your own YouTube Channel?

So now, if you want to feature other channels, very first login to your YouTube Studio from the upper right corner of the homepage of your YouTube Channel.

To add feature channels, follow this:

  1. Open YouTube
  2. Go to your YouTube Channel Page and just click Customize Channel
  3. On YouTube Studio, on the left menu, click Customization
  4. Click Add featured channels (add channels button)
  5. Name the section
  6. Enter the channel username or URL
  7. After successfully adding the channel username or URL, you can order them!!

And that’s it!!

After you done adding the featured channels to your YouTube homepage, your viewers or subscribers will now able to visit other channels or any video you post.

Watch the complete step by step video:

When you can’t Feature Channels on YouTube?

The very first you have your own YouTube channel, then make sure you have sufficient content on your channel and people engagement is good.

Make sure to add only those featured channels that look good on your YouTube homepage means if the niche of your and featured channel is same then it will be great!!

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