Google Keyword Planner is a free SEO tool which helps us to research keywords for our Business Website. We also use this amazing free tool to discover new keywords for Search Campaigns. This blog is all about the keyword research from basics, through which we will get an overview at the end about how we can estimates the specific searches and also, how much cost should we have to pay to target them if looking for campaigns.

What is a keyword?

We can define a keyword as an idea or topic when someone entered that in Google.

From the above figure, the search term “importance of keywords” is a keyword. Keywords are basically of two types

  • Short-Tail Keywords ( Ex – “runing shoes”)
  • Long-Tail Keywords (Ex – “best runing shoes for winter”)

** According to SEO practices, using Long-Tail Keywords drive better organic traffic to our website or blog.

One of the simple method to find keywords is that when we search any particular keyword in google, then google automatically start suggesting related keywords. See in the below figures:

At the very first, below to the search box

At the bottom of the Search Page

We are familiar about the above google keyword suggesting like that google suggest us the related keywords at two places, first where we enter our search term and the second at the bottom of the search page.

Google Keyword Planner – Free SEO Keyword Research Tool

Now the most and the important, we have an amazing Free Keyword Research Tool which is Google Keyword Planner. With the help of this tool we can find out any keyword’s average monthly volume and competition. Also we can easily select the best keywords for our business website. Selecting of High traffic and Low Competion keywords are recommended as best selection as SEO point of view. Here below in this video, I described step by step process on how to find and check the competition and average search volumes of any specific keyword using Google Keyword Planner, I hope it will be helpful for you: