How to Earn from Youtube in 2021

Earn from Youtube

Make your channel enable to earn money from YouTube. You just have to connect your channel with Ad sense to earn money from the views of your uploaded videos. There is no second thought that your YouTube can earn money for you.

Just follow the steps mentioned in this post and start earning money from youtube:

#1. Select proper Niche

First of all, you must choose a proper niche to impress others like if you have any passion or hobby and you know better related to some topic then explore it. You can teach the world better by your YouTube channel or can give knowledge as well as you can entertain the people with your skills and abilities.

Your Niche should provide some knowledge or should be entertaining for others. Just workout to find that what is in trending and what is widely liked by the people. Just follow that and within sometime your channel will have enough subscribers. The number of subscribers is the guarantee of views to your every uploaded new video and the number of views will earn money for you.

#2. Build content strategy

The videos created by you must contain proper content that can provide some knowledge or information for others. The main thing to earn from YouTube or attract views depends upon your content. 

Content is the basic and most important thing that attract the views. You must build proper content strategy so that your subscribers can depend on you. The content served on your channel must meet the expectations of the viewers.

#3. Use best tools for your videos
1. You must learn the proper video techniques so that you can upload good quality videos with proper and clear sound.

2. You must use latest software’s to edit videos and to give special effects on your videos.

3. Your video must be viewers friendly and very important that your video must be short.

4. In a less time, you must cover the whole topic.

5. There are many software’s that are available online can be also used to modify your video and to add special effects in your videos. Many free tools are available free of cost that can help you in making good quality videos.

#4. Promotion of Videos

To promote your video and to attain maximum viewership it is must that your video should be promoted on different platforms. The most important platform is your social media to share your videos on social media.

Your content is the most powerful thing that can keep your viewers on your channel so that they can remain curious for your every new video.

You can also find the audience for your video by Daily-motion, flicker, and Vimeo. You must send links to your video on these platforms so that your video can be shared widely. This will increase the popularity of your channel and will increase the popularity of your channel. You can also go for paid ads to gain viewership of your videos.

#5. Monetizing videos

To earn money from your channel you must do one thing that your channel must be connected with Ad-sense. Because transactions are done through the Ad-sense only.

According to YouTube’s new monetization rules, a channel is successfully monetized with Google Ad-sense when the channel has 10,000-lifetime views and they must have a total watch time of 4,000 hours in the past 12 months and a minimum of 1,000 subscribers.

After connected to Google Ad-sense, YouTube pays one dollar for every one thousand views of your video. The number of views you get the more money you can earn. Your video must be attractive and easy to understand by the people. Your content must be attractive and informative. 

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