What is (Search Engine Optimization) SEO

SEO is a method by which the website is ranked on the first page of Google. In Search Engine Optimization, we optimize our website according to different SEO Factors, which increases the ranking of the website in SERP.

In which we optimize the content of our website according to many SEO factors. Best SEO practices which helps Google to understand the website better, in means of crawling and indexing. And because of all this the ranking of the website increases too.

What is On-Page SEO

On- Page SEO is the process of optimization (improving) a website and individual web pages by which the ranking of the website or individual web pages increases in the search engine result page. In simple language, the way to optimize (improve) web pages is called On-Page SEO.

In On page SEO website, things like Content, Title Tag, Header Tags (Headings) and many Ranking Factors which can be corrected or followed by our web page to rank in Google. In this process, we have to fix the internal things of our website so that when Google’s spider who read our web pages and the SEO Factors directed by the search engine can match them. With which the pages of our website can be ranked in Google.

In On Page SEO, we have to work on many factors of our website. You must be knowing from the name (On Page) that “ON THE PAGE” means in On Page we work on the pages of our website and optimize (improve) the pages of our website by many Factors of On Page.

What is Off-Page SEO

“Off-Page SEO” (also known as “off-site SEO”) refers to action taken outside of your own website to affect your ranking within search engine result pages (SERPs). Along with on-page SEO, these include many of the factors of basic SEO that help a site rank like creating quality backlinks from high authorative websites. Check here: How to Create Quality Backlinks

Now let’s come to our topic which is E-Commerce Website SEO:

E commerce Website SEO Tips

Before saving you have to do research about these two:

1. Keyword Research

With the help of keyword research you can find keywords according to the home page and products of your website and see how many searches are on which keywords. I suggest you to select keywords with high search volume so that you get more profit and your product and your product sales also increase. Check here: E-Commerce Link Building Strategies

2. Competitors Research

In this research, you have to see which brand is coming in your competition. In India you have to compete with big E-Commerce website like Flipkart, Amazon, Snap Deal and EBay as well as you have to see small E commerce website as well. You have to make a list of those small website and check their their page rank and domain authority. Which you can find out from many websites online, it is easy. Now you also have to see that the products of small and big E-Commerce website will have to be analyzed i.e. you are selling electronics device and other small or big website is selling home products so there will be competition. Start selling with the products which have low competition, optimize keywords on every product. Once the user engagement start growing on your products, your website will grow and later on you can start selling the other competitive products too by optimizing them properly!!

“Both of these are very important, no matter how much you do on page and off page SEO for the website of E-Commerce, if you have not done this research then everything will Spread. You will know from this that how many competitors are there and how many searches are there on which keywords.”