If we asked you a question that would you tell us which element could make or break your website, what would be your answer? Well, if the answer is SEO then you are right. SEO helps to improve the quality of our website and also helps to improve the website’s online presence in the SERP. However, there are some Black Hat SEO Techniques that must be avoided at all costs which we have brought you. So, without further ado, let us get right into this guide Top 5 Black Hat SEO Techniques, Must Avoid in 2021

1. Low Quality Content

The first thing to avoid in Black Hat SEO is poor quality content. This leads you to rank by SERP rankings. Where previously only contacts and keywords were important criteria, now content also plays an important role in the growth of a website. So if you prefer high quality content, it will have a negative impact on your website.

2. Keyword Stuffing

Filling in the keywords is also a big mistake of different people. Not only does it require quality content, but it also has a negative impact on website development. So, if you want good SEO for your website, avoid filling in the keywords in your content.

3. Avoid Exchanging Links

Backlinks are an important tool for SEO, but backlink exchange programs are not recommended for SEO optimization. So, if you are thinking of getting your website a high domain ranking, be sure to avoid link exchange programs.

Links are considered the most effective way to drive traffic to your site, but link exchange programs will lower your site’s ranking in the Google index.

4. Article Spinning

Many people use article-spinning software to improve the availability of content. Article spinning is also considered to be the most effective way to increase backlinks, but it is a black hat SEO technique that, if not avoided, will hurt your ranking and authority.

5. Doorway Pages

Some pages do not generate traffic due to lack of optimization in SEO pages. These pages are known as doorway pages. According to Google’s guidelines, doorway pages reduce your site’s SEO and ranking level. You should always avoid these doorway pages. If your website also includes doorway pages, delete them immediately.


Hence, thesewere the Top 5 Black Hat SEO Techniques, Must Avoid in 2021. If you follow our guidelines and avoid these Black Hat SEO techniques, then you should be good to go. We hope that our article was helpful.