Image Optimization is the most important part for the SEO. Uploading accurate size image and worthy images take less time to open the page on the Google. Your images must express everything because the images can express more than words. To increase traffic on the webpage images play very important role. But the size of the images must be small because it will take less time to open the page on the Google. 

Benefits of Image Optimization

  • It will take short time to open the page.
  • It will improve your SEO ranking.
  • It also increases users of your website.
  • It will give great experience to the user of your website.

Image Optimization tips

1. Create customized image filenames

Give some time before naming your image. You must use keyword friendly name for your image.

2. Write SEO friendly image alt text

Your image alt tag must be SEO friendly and it should define your product or service in few words.

3. Image file size

The size of the image should be small so that the webpage can open in very few moments. If the size will be bigger it will take more time to open the webpage.

4. Choose the best image file type

Use JPEG or PNG image file type and use the small size images on your webpage.

5. Create an image site map

It will help Google in finding the images and will take less time to open the page.

6. Open graph and Twitter cards

Two types of cards can be implemented in Twitter cards. You can add summary, title, description and thumbnail of the image.

7. Mobile friendly images

Most of the people use phones for surfing so you must upload the images that are mobile friendly.

8. Structured data

It will make easier for the search engines to understand better by using structured data.