WordPress development needs professionals who are expert in designing a WordPress website that attract the customers. The web site should have the content that keeps its readers glued to it till the end. The person visiting the site should be able to access all the information that he/she is seeking. to
There are many free WordPress themes available, but making a right choice depends on you. As ‘excess of everything is bad’, just select within limits. 
While beginning a new web site opt for the ones the ones that are available for free. Never go for the ones where you have to pay a premium. You have already spent enough money on its creation. Your budget will go over board and nobody wants to do that. So it is always recommended to go for the free
WordPress templates and plan accordingly, instead of burning a hole in your pocket.

Before proceeding one must do some research with the public & market, to know the requirements and the needs i.e. the nature of your web site. You must choose a language that attracts the customers like PHP, JavaScript, CSS, the one in which you can handle all the inquiries with ease.
Initially you might opt for a free template or a paid one. As you are new on the web, better opt for a free one as nobody wants to spend money on something one is not aware of. Its easy to grab a free WordPress that are easily available online. 

 1. Vulnerability:

The first and foremost intention of a developer is to make a stunning website by putting in beautiful looks that should attract the clients, but he/she also remembers that the content should not be vulnerable so that many hackers steal the data from your web site and pass it on to your competitors. So the security of your web site forms an important task.

2. Quick Loading:

The next important thing that comes to mind, which is a necessity is a free excellent free WordPress theme that is swift and can easily be loaded. If you choose a heavy theme, a heavy script and takes lots of time to load several HTTP requests, it frustrates the viewer or the visitor and they give up very soon. Thus traffic inflow will decrease on your WordPress website.

3. Multilingual Support:

You choose many languages to support your web site as many people don’t have access to a particular language. This way you get the clients from all over the globe. There are many free WordPress themes that give the option of translating in your native language, avail this option. Multilingual plugins like qTranslate –X, WPML, polylang are available at all free WordPress templates.

4. Compatibility:

Browser compatibility is very important which can enhance your website and attract more clients so selecting the free WordPress themes that is fully compatible with all the browsers like tablet, mobile, handheld, laptop and other desktop browsers that are available in the market. So while developing your web site do consider these factors before proceeding.