To help consumers search for your product on Amazon, it is important to include search terms that they could use when searching to buy. Therefore, we have brought you Amazon Search Terms How to use them Effectively

Tips for improving your search terms:

  • Stay below the length limit.
  • Add synonyms.
  • Add spelling variations, no misspellings required.
  • Add abbreviations and alternate names.
  • You can use all lowercase letters.
  • You do not need punctuation marks such as: “؛”, “:”, “-“.
  • Separate words from spaces.
  • Do not repeat any words in the search terms field.
  • Words like “a”, “an”, “and”, “by”, “for”, “from”, “of” “the”, ” with “, so on and so forth.
  • Use either singular or plural, both aren’t required.

Prohibited use of search terms (keywords):

Violation of these rules may result in the suppression of your ASIN and action against your account.

  • Your brand or other brand name
  • ASINs
  • Arrogance
  • Temporary statements such as “new” or “on sale right now”.
  • Thematic claims of “best”, “cheapest”, “amazing” and so on.
  • Offensive or offensive words

Brand name: Apple, Nike, Amazon, etc.

Temporary words: now available, brand new, current, less, just started, last chance, last minute, latest, limited time, new, on sale, this week (month, year, etc.), today, etc.

Thematic words: amazing, best, cheap, cheap, efficient, fast, least likely, most popular, trending, etc.

For example, for a bamboo wooden chopping board, the following search terms are considered to be good.

Good Search Terms

Cutting, Board, Cushing, Block, Bamboo, Wood, Large, Hybrid, Polypropylene, Food, Grade, Plastic, Non-Slip, Kitchen, Double-Sided, Surface, Anti-Microbial, Natural, BPA, Stain, Resistant, Environmental, Friend, Drain

Superfluous Words

We recommend that you do not include the following types of words in your search terms:

Category: Words to Avoid

Stop words: one, also, one, and, no, as, as, as, because, are, but, by, from, in, in, of, on, or, so, something, such, as, was, Were together

  • To add search terms:
  • On the Inventory tab, click Manage Inventory.
  • To the right of each product listed, click Edit.

You will see a new page that opens up and, on that page, click on the Keywords section and there, you can enter your keywords in the search terms field.

Final Thoughts

In this blog, We tried to help to improve product visibility on amazon by helping in selecting most searched amazon backend keyword and optimizing your amazon search terms. Hopefully, this blog will helps you 🙂